Reposts are the fastest way to post songs to user Profile pages to let your followers know about new discoveries on SoundCloud. But you knew that already...

Over time we've teamed up with Artists, Labels and creative SoundCloud channels to build a network of music lovers. 


By teaming up, we are instantly increasing our SoundCloud reach whilst using this database to ‘Repost’ & ‘Like’ specific tracks to vetted Drum & Bass known figures and labels accounts for a 48 hour period, this means your creative hard work gets noticed by more and more people on SoundCloud. 


Getting more traffic to an upload will help more SoundCloud users see and engage with

uploads whilst boosting views naturally.

To put it quite simply, this a Drum&Bass

community put together by us who are willing to help you give your music a push.


Our client list is growing by the week! We've teamed up with pioneering artists, labels and channels such as Noise Union, Machine Made Records, The UK Sound, Deck Effects, Hype Heads, #NightLife, Sammy Porter, War On Silence, Crissy Criss, AFT Records, Killer Hertz and more...


Here are some rough examples of how a 24 hour repost campaign performs on uploads that are from 1 week to 1 month old.






All you have to do is                        and then check out out                                              . Once you have purchased a plan you can then head to the                                  where

you'll have access to the                                     . Fill it out and thats it!


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